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Télécharger Livre Gratuit : The Oxford Guide to English Usage pdf


Find out how George Orwell used the wrong plural, why you should avoid fulsome praise, and when to use the subjunctive. The Oxford Guide to English Usage is an essential theme-by-theme guide to correct written and spoken English. Its unique organization by subject gives a complete overview of English usage, providing full advice on both rules and exceptions. Now thoroughly revised to incorporate the latest spelling, pronunciation, and usage information from Oxford's most up-to-date dictionaries, the Guide illustrates points of usage with quotations from real authors, from Virginia Woolf to David Lodge. Clear, helpful advice is given on grammar, punctuation, spelling, pronunciation, and difficult and misused words. Problem words are in a special A-Z section, and a full index gives access to both specific words and subjects throughout the book. The Guide is both an invaluable reference work, and a fascinating read for all those who hold the English language in high regard.

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Editeur : E.S.C. Weiner , Andrew Delahunty
Langue : Anglais 
Page : 219
Format : PDF

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