samedi 30 mars 2013

Apprendre A Traduire – Valentine Watson Rodger

Apprendre A Traduire - Valentine Watson Rodger

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  Text is presented in French. In this new edition, one third of the exercises that first appeared in 1990 have been replaced with brand new ones. While some of these deal with questions already covered in earlier editions, others introduce new translation problems: acronyms and initialisms, street signs and notices, the prepositions 'with' and 'avec', 'on' and 'sur'. Two carefully composed exercises address the question of levels of language in a systematic manner that students will find helpful and readily comprehensible. In all the existing exercises, sentences that had become old-fashioned have been replaced or modified; stronger, clearer introductory explanations are provided for exercises that needed them; thus, every exercise has some new material. An effort has been made to introduce contemporary vocabulary useful in other courses and in everyday life.  


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