mercredi 13 février 2013

Unhitched: The Trial of Christopher Hitchens

2013 | 160 Pages | ISBN: 184467990X | PDF | 1 MB

Blistering and timely interrogation of the politics and motives of an infamous ex-leftist.
Irascible and forthright, Christopher Hitchens stood out as a man determined to do just that. In his younger years, a career-minded socialist, he emerged from the smoke of 9/11 a neoconservative ��Marxist,�� an advocate of America��s invasion of Iraq filled with passionate intensity. Throughout his life, he played the role of universal gadfly, whose commitment to the truth transcended the party line as well as received wisdom. But how much of this was imposture? In this highly critical study, Richard Seymour casts a cold eye over the career of the ��Hitch�� to uncover an intellectual trajectory determined by expediency and a fetish for power.


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