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Landscape Planning ed.

2012 | ISBN: 9535106548 9789535106548 | 371 pages | PDF | 37.11 Mb

This book is for landscape architects and other planning professions. This book contains chapters on recent developments in studies of landscape architecture.
Theoretical foundations, theories, methods, and applications will be essential parts of this reference book. In addition, this book addresses several very different subjects of study; landscape management, biodiversity, landscape restoration, landscape design, and urban design related to theory, practice and the results will be covered.
Section 1 Landscape Planning
1 Biosphere Reserves
2 Land Use/Cover Classification Techniques Using Optical Remotely Sensed Data in Landscape Planning
3 GIS in Landscape Planning
4 An Approach to Landscape Planning in Borders
5 Urban Green Space System Planning
6 Tourism Planning in Rural Areas and Organization Possibilities
7 Agriculture and Rurality as Constructor of Sustainable Cultural Landscape
8 Residents' Perceptions of and Attitudes Toward Sustainable Tourism Planning and Management in Amasra (Turkey)
9 Woody Plants in Landscape Planning and Landscape Design
10 Integration of Infrastructures in Landscape - An Opportunity to Landscape Planning Improvement
11 Ecological Landscape Planning, with a Focus on the Coastal Zone
Section 2 Landscape Design
12 Landscape Perception
13 Urban Landscape Design
14 Irrigation
15 Private Plantation Techniques
16 Xeriscape in Landscape Design


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