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[EN] The Canadian Mathematical Olympiad 1969-1993

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Completing its first quarter century, the Canadian Mathematical Olympiad(CMO) is one of the older national  mathematics competitions.  Younger than its Eastern European counterparts, it predates the Olympiads of the USA, UK and most other countries that have participated in the International Mathematical Olympiad. Throughout the years, the CMO problems sub-committees have sought to vary the problems according to topic and skill requirements.  While some problems might need a leap of insight or special ingenuity, other problems should reward the competent and careful student.  Some problems might need only clear reasoning or a sure technique; others might be easy to see, but require a high level of exposition or attention to detail so as to avoid pitfalls and ensure coverage of all possibilities. The above is an excerpt from the Preface written by Edward J. Barbeau, University of Toronto, a long time enthusiast of mathematics competitions and a tireless contributor over the last twenty-five years. We invite you to discover this exciting compilation of CMO exams. The exams  are indexed by year and all problems and solutions are presented in english and french.  You will also find a listing of the top three prize winners for each year.


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