mercredi 26 décembre 2012

Power Electronics

Control in Power Electronics: Selected Problems By Marian P. Kazmierkowski, Ramu Krishnan
Control in Power Electronics explores all aspects of the study and use of electronic integrated circuits for the control and conversion of electrical energy. This technology is a critical part of our energy infrastructure, and supports almost all important electrical applications and devices. Improvements in devices and advances in control concepts have led to steady improvements in power electronic applications. This is driving a tremendous expansion of their applications.

Control in Power Electronics brings together a team of leading experts as contributors. This is the first book to thoroughly combine control methods and techniques for power electronic systems. The development of new semiconductor power components, new topologies of converters from one side coupled with advances in modern control theory and digital signalprocessors has made this book possible and presents the applications necessary for modern design engineers.
The authors were originally brought together to share research and applications through the international Danfoss Professor Programme at Aalborg University in Denmark.
Personal computers would be unwieldy and inefficient without power electronic dc supplies. Portable communication devices and computers would also be impractical. High-performance lighting systems, motor controls, and a wide range of industrial controls depend on power electronics. In the near future we can expect strong growth in automotive applications, dc power supplies for communication systems, portable applications, and high-end converters. We are approaching a time when all electrical energy will be processed and controlled through power electronics somewhere in the path from generation to end use.


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